Is continuelessly a word?

I’m writing a paper for class and spell checker keeps saying its wrong. So if continuelessly isn’t a word can you tell me another word to use in its place? Answer 1 continuously Answer 2 The word is “continuously”. Answer 3 Do you mean continuously? Because what you have spelled isn’t a word. Answer … Read more

Why do you think words were invented for technical things?

Hey everyone, Answer 1 Words are invented by necessity. If someone invents a device to produce power from steam, somebody might call it a ‘steam engine’. Answer 2 Because you need a single word for something, like “telephone”, rather than having to call it “that thing that enables you to talk to someone far away.”

I found a video of the Phillip thought for experiment. It’s mostly talking, but some interesting bits. Your thoughts?

To summarize, these people dreamed up a life story for a “Philip Aylesworth”, then tried to contact him. According to the video, they somehow succeeded in talking to a fictional ghost. Answer 1 Huh. Video footage of a table moving for no reason. Guess I have to think about a few things. Answer 2 Boring. … Read more

Did Trump tell the Saudis it was actually Alec Baldwin who made that speech wanting to ban all Muslims coming to America?

Answer 1 Trump didn’t have to, Saudi Arabia was never on the list of banned countries, even though many of the 911 hijackers were from Saudi Arabia. Answer 2 There was NO order to ban Muslims, since that is unconstitutional. The order would have temporarily halted all travel from some Mid East and North African … Read more