How do you change your avatar on neopets?

Answer 1 Why is this question under the Yahoo! Messenger section? To change your avatar on Neopets, you have to go to the Boards tab and click on Preferences. From there you can change your font color, avatar, and quote. Answer 2 Neopets Avatars Answer 3 This Site Might Help You. RE: How do you … Read more

33. 10 how does the first paragraph of the dark game best support the central idea that the civil war was a long war?

Answer 1 Because it claims that it was a long and hard battle from the start. Explanation: The civil war was one to go down inhistory Answer 2 A.) It shares the detail that the war lasted four years (sorry about no explanation) Answer 3 answer: Aha idk Explanation: idk Answer 4 b Explanation: Answer … Read more