Why does my bread taste like soap?

It’s the same bread as always, but now it tastes like soap for some reason. And I REALLY gotta go to the bathroom now. Can anyone tell me why in the world would bread have soap in it?

Answer 1

I started smelling and tasting soap in my bread few years ago too, so I just started toasting it in the toaster. All gone.

Answer 2

Bread Tastes Like Soap

Answer 3

i thought it was the manufacturer and wrote a letter complaining about it. I thought they weren’t rinsing their bread pans well enough. They had no answer but gave me 2 universal manufacturer coupons to buy more soapy bread for free. Then I switched brands and found the same soapy taste. It must be an ingredient and I strongly suspect old baking powder used during manufacturing or breakdown of the bicarbonate during extended periods of shipping or shelf life. Someone needs to investigate this such as FDA

Answer 4

Your eating too much bread cut back for a month a way to see if you are eating too much bread is to check your tongue if its all white an pale too much wheat or bread.

Answer 5

it probably wasn’t cooked with soap in it…did you wash your hands/dishes right before you touched it? or maybe someone else did. either way, you should be fine…tons of kids get their mouths washed out with soap and nothing too bad happens to them, haha

Answer 6

Maybe it’s moldy.

Or maybe the facilities it was made in were improperly rinsed out

Answer 7

oh my thats crazzzy!
maybe you shouldent eat it,
& maybe you should, contact the company or store that you bought it from.
best wishess!

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