who is tom griswald’s (from the bob and tom show) new baby mama?

Answer 1

Thomas “Tom” Griswold (born April 22, 1953 in Cleveland, Ohio) hosts the radio show The Bob & Tom Show together with his partner, Bob Kevoian. This comedy-based early morning program is among the highest rated in American radio and has been nationally syndicated since 1995.

He is a 1971 graduate of University School in Hunting Valley, Ohio and a graduate of Columbia University. He worked in radio in Florida and Michigan before coming to WFBQ Radio in Indianapolis in early 1983. Tom’s 5th child – Sally Janet Griswold – was born on Saturday June 30, 2007 to him and WFBQ radio personality Laura Steele. [1]

Tom often hosts or participates in Bob and Tom Radio: The Comedy Tour shows

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1. A stone’s throw 2. As many as the eye can see? 3. You are thinking I am Bob, but I am really Tom.

Answer 3

Laura Steele Baby

Answer 4

Tom Griswold New Baby

Answer 5

Yes. The Mother of the child is Laura Steele. Unsure of Tom and Laura’s relationship status, but they do have a child together. :O)

Source(s): If you go to www.indystar.com type Births in the seach field and go to archives just use the advanced searc and put in her last name spelled Steele and there is the birth announcement.

Answer 6

Not 100% but heard it was Laura Steele afternoon Q95 drive time DJ and host of the weekend “JellyPudding show.”
Only rumor so treat it as such……

Answer 7

who is the mother of tom griswalds child findley

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Its open to discussion and there are actually more than one answers to this question

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