Who is Sneakers O’Toole – Where did this idea come from? (Family Guy)?

Well i would like to know where they got the idea of Sneakers O’Toole. Its in a FamilyGuy Episode i recently watched (try to search youtube for it, if you forgot what i mean)

Answer 1


From the same place any idea comes from? It’s just a guy they made up to go with their whole randomness scene.

Writer 1: “What can we compare to the difficulty of finding religious tolerance in Texas?”
Writer 2: “I know! How ’bout there’s this guy called Sneakers oToole and you can’t get his sneakers off!”
Writer 1: Brilliant!

Answer 2

Sneakers O Toole

Answer 3

In a couple ways, it reminds me of the comic artist Robert Crumb ( Keep on Truckin )

Answer 4

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sneakers o’toole was in the episode “boys do cry”…hilarious!!!

Answer 5

Compare to “maniac magee” the children’s book.

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