Which of the following statements about protons are false?

Protons have about the same mass as electrons.

Answer 1

1) Protons have about the same mass as electrons.
2) Some atoms do not have any protons.
4) Protons have the magnitude of charge as neutrons, but are opposite in sign.

are false.

Let’s take a look why:
1) Protons are far more massive than electrons.
2) All atoms contain protons. The number of protons defines what element it is. The minimum amount of protons an atom can possess is 1 (hydrogen).
4) Neutrons are neutrally charged, and protons are positively charged. ELECTRONS are the particles that have similar magnitude as protons.

3) is true. Protons have an almost equivalent mass as neutrons.

Source(s): Chemistry at UC Merced

Answer 2

1. FALSE (electrons are very small even though they hold the same charge as a proton just opposite sign)
2. FALSE (All atoms have to have protons in order to be an atom, the element with the smallest amount of protons is Hydrogen with just 1 proton)
3. TRUE (same size, but neutrons have no charge)
4. FALSE (like i said earlier neutrons have no charge but electrons do which is opposite of a proton)

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