Which is the most developing country in Africa?

What is the most technological country in Africa?

1. South Africa. South Africa is said to be the most technologically advanced country in Africa. In the Global Innovation Index of 2015, South Africa came in at the 53rd place when compared with 143 countries of the world.

Which is the most sparsely populated country in Africa?

Botswana, a landlocked country, is located in Southern Africa. It is said to be one of the most sparsely populated countries in the world with a population of just over 2 million people. The economy of Botswana relies on mining, cattle, and tourism.

Where does South Africa rank in the world?

South Africa, a country that cannot easily be compared with most other countries across Africa also tops African countries in the current Global Innovation Index (GII), ranking number 53 out of 143 countries compared globally.

Which is the largest industrialized country in the world?

USA leads on top among most industrialized countries of the world. It is the world’s largest economy by far. The presence of USA in the world affairs plays a vital role and it has bilateral relations with all the nations.

Which is the most developed country in Africa?

Botswana gained its independence in 1966 – at that time, it was one of the poorest countries in the world. Yet, it quickly became an example of development success on the African continent; averaging 5% growth per annum over the past decade. The economy is mainly driven by mining, construction and the service sector.

Which is the most developing country in Africa?

Seychelles is Africa’s most developed country with an HDI of . 801, just making the “very high human development” threshold. Seychelles is ranked 62 in HDI rankings and has a life expectancy of 73.7 years. The country’s economic growth is mainly driven by tourism, and the GDP has increased nearly sevenfold since 1976.

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