Which is called Afro tropical region?

What ecozone is Afrotropic?

The Afrotropic is one of eight ecozones found on Earth. It includes Africa (south of the Sahara Desert), the southern and eastern borders of the Arabian Peninsula, the island of Madagascar, southern Iran and outermost southwestern Pakistan, and the islands of the western Indian Ocean.

Where is the palearctic region?

The Palearctic region encompasses Eurasia, including Europe, northern Africa, and Asia north of the Oriental region.

Where is the Oriental region?

The Oriental region includes eastern Iran, India and Sri Lanka, China south of the Yangtze River, Southeast Asia, and the large island regions of Taiwan, the Philippines, and the East Indies/Indo–Malayan Archipelago.

Which is the largest Zoogeographical region?

Faunalcompositionof variouszoogeographicalregions palaearcticregion  Largest zoogeographical region  Including Europe, northern parts of Africa, Northern China , U.S.S.R, Japan, Iran, Afghanistan, Baluchistan(a western province of Pakistan) PhysicalGeographical features  It is bounded by sea from north, west and …

Which animal is found in Oriental region?

Endemic families in the Oriental, or Sino-Indian, region include, among mammals, the Tupaiidae (tree shrews), Tarsiidae (tarsiers), and Hylobatidae (gibbons); among reptiles, the Lanthanotidae (earless monitor lizards) and Gavialidae (the crocodile-like gharials); and a few bird and invertebrate families.

How many zoogeographical realms are there?

Sclater (1857) was the first one to give concepts of zoogeography and divided the continental masses into six Realms based on his studies on the bird fauna under two Creatio or centres of Creation, namely, Palaeogeana (Old world) and Neogeana (New world). AETHIOPIAN (West Paleotropic). Africa.

What big cats live in Ethiopia?

With golden manes edged in jet black, Ethiopian or Abyssinian lions are even more striking than your typical king of the jungle. So rare they were once feared extinct, the lions have recently been spotted roaming the Harenna Forest in Bale Mountains National Park.

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What are the 9 zoogeographic regions?

They are: Palaearctic, Ethiopian (Africa south of the Sahara), Oriental, Australian, Nearctic, Neotropical, and Antarctic.

Is there lions in Ethiopia?

The lion (Panthera leo) is the principal terrestrial predator in Africa and therefore a key species of the savannah ecosystem. One of the regions with a declining lion population is Ethiopia. In addition to a few hundred wild lions scattered throughout the country, 20 lions are kept in the Addis Ababa Zoo.

Which one of the following realm includes Africa Arabia and Madagascar?

Afrotropical realm
The Afrotropical realm is one of Earth’s eight biogeographic realms. It includes Africa south of the Sahara Desert, the majority of the Arabian Peninsula, the island of Madagascar, southern Iran and extreme southwestern Pakistan, and the islands of the western Indian Ocean.

How many families of terrestrial vertebrates are present in Ethiopian region?

161 families
The fauna of Ethiopian region is very rich. Varied and well marked. It has 161 families of terrestrial vertebrates.

Which is called Afro tropical region?

Ethiopian region, also called Afrotropical Region, one of the major land areas of the world defined on the basis of its characteristic animal life. Part of the Paleotropical, or Afro-Tethyan, realm, it encompasses Africa south of the Sahara and the southwestern tip of Arabia.

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