what’s the dance with the mockaraina called?

its for the goldrush round 2 challange, and I’m not even sure thats how its spelld… Please help.

Answer 1

It’s called the Macarena and it’s sung by Los del Rio. It was redone by Los del Mar as well.

Big hit in ’96 Have fun! Take care.

Answer 2

It’s called The Macarena

Answer 3

It’s called the Macarena, like the song.

Answer 4

The answer is macarena.

Answer 5

The dance is called the Macarana (??sp)

Answer 6

macarena is answer, only spell correctly.

Source(s): Found this answer, I did. Search you must, better on web you be.

Answer 7

it’s the macarena

Answer 8

It’s called the mackaraina dance!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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