What year did Slavery begin in America?

What year did slavery begin in America? How did it come about? and how were slaves captured/chosen to go to America?

Answer 1

The beginning of slavery in British North America around 1619, when a Dutch ship brought 20 enslaved Africans to the Virginia colony at Jamestown.

Slavery in the United States was part of a long established system of labor exploitation that dates to ancient times. Much of the ancient world was composed of well-organized slave societies of one sort or another. Slavery existed in the great civilizations of ancient Greece, Rome, Egypt, China, and even among the Inca and Aztec worlds of pre-colonial America. The business of capturing and trading enslaved people was also a fundamental part of human society throughout recorded history. Prior to the Atlantic trade of enslaved Africans to the Americas, Muslim traders out of the Middle East and Northern Africa purchased, sold, and captured millions of enslaved Africans and Central Europeans in a slave-trading network that extended from present day Hungary to Southeastern Asia and the Far East.

The Arabs were the earliest non-Africans to buy African slaves. In the early 1500s, Portugal and Spain began to send African-born slaves to their colonies in the New World, and in the following century England, France, and the Netherlands entered the trade, as eventually did the United States. Rum and guns were among the items most frequently traded for slaves.

Future slaves were physically inspected. Only the healthiest and strongest were chosen.

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Answer 2

With respect to the United States, most of the preceding answers are incorrect.

The first twenty (20) domestic African slaves were IMPORTED into Virginia in 1619.

A group of seventeen Pequod Indians (15 boys, 2 women) were EXPORTED as domestic slaves from Massachusetts to Bermuda in 1637.

With respect to American colonial slave importation, generally slaves were imported only when (a) the menace of hostile Amerinds had been mitigated and (b) the supply of white indentured servants was insufficient. White indentured servants were both less expensive than slaves and could defend themselves against the Amerinds.

Billy M is quite correct that the Spanish Catholics desired to enslave 100% of the Amerind peoples that they encountered in the Caribbean and in (now) Central America. Cortes went to Mexico looking for slaves, not gold.

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Answer 3

If you mean the United States, slavery began in early August of 1619 when a ship carrying slaves from Africa docked in Jamestown, Virginia. Prior to that date there were no slaves held by Europeans in what is now the USA, although many Indian tribes enslaved captives from rival tribes. Economic conditions in the southern colonies encouraged the use of slaves. The practice spread to the north, particularly New York and Connecticut. It was less in Pennsylvania and Massachusetts, two colonies established for religious reasons, and which for just such reasons opposed slavery. New York abolished slavery in 1827.

Answer 4

– Slavery began in Virginia in 1607

– Slavery started with the spread of tobacco farming in the American colonies in the 1600’s, and the diminishing number of people willing to sign-on as indentured servants in. This increased numbers of slaves were brought in from Africa.

– The Africans “came from many racial stocks and many tribes, from the spirited Hausas, the gentle Mandingos, the creative Yorubas, from the Igbos, Efiks and Krus, from the proud Fantins, the warlike Ashantis, the shrewd Dahomeans, the Binis and Sengalese.”

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Answer 5

Christopher Columbus himself set out to enslave Native Americans during his second voyage. Don’t make the common mistake of thinking Blacks were the first slaves in the New World…

Answer 6

Right around the time of the American Revolution in all
13 colonies about 20% of the population were slaves.

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