What weapons did Motte and Bailey castles use?

How did Motte and Bailey castles defend?

A motte-and-bailey is a form of castle situated on a raised earthwork and surrounded by a ditch and protective fence. The bailey was an outer enclosure, which was also defended by a fence and sometimes a ditch, providing a first, outer line of defence for the motte.

What kind of weapons did the motte and Bailey use?

More sophisticated arrowheads were designed with metal cages for coal, wood shavings, cloth or similar materials soaked in oil, which were then lit and fired. A more potent weapon which struck fear into the hearts of defenders was `Greek fire’, a petroleum-based mixture which could not be extinguished with water.

How does a moat defend a castle?

A moat made access to the walls difficult for siege weapons, such as siege towers and battering rams, which needed to be brought up against a wall to be effective. A water-filled moat made the practice of mining, digging tunnels under the castles in order to effect a collapse of the defences, very difficult as well.

What were the weaknesses of a motte and bailey castle?

The major weakness of the motte and bailey castle was the likelihood of the keep rotting or burning down. The solution was to build stone keeps but these could not always be built on the same site since the weight of the stone would sink into the motte.

What kind of weapons were used in medieval times?

Lit torches or fires set up against a wooden wall were probably the earliest type of incendiary device. Flaming arrows were used in the medieval period as, even after castle walls were built of masonry, there was still wood in the roofs and floors of stone buildings and lesser timber structures within the enclosure.

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Which is an example of a medieval castle defense?

In the end, the word “motte” was transformed into the word “pit”. Another example of defense of the medieval castles is the barbican. Thanks to the moats (with its choke points such as drawbridges), the owners of the castle could know exactly which parts of the castle could be most susceptible to attack . That’s where the barbican comes in.

How did the attackers destroy the motte and bailey castle?

The Attackers of Motte and Bailey Castles would have had to negotiate the following defensive obstacles under constant fire from the arrows of the soldiers in their attempts to destroy a Motte and Bailey castle: The perimeter ditch, which surrounded the Motte and Bailey castle complex.

What is the best way to attack a Motte and Bailey castle?

Fire. Fire was the best way to attack the early Motte and Bailey castles since they were made entirely of wood. The fire might be started by building a bonfire against the outer wooden fence (palisade) or, more usually, by archers shooting fire-arrows into the castle.

What weapons did Motte and Bailey castles use?

The Anglo-Saxons had no cavalry and very few archers – an essential for a Motte and Bailey castle attack! Their main weapons used by the Anglo-Saxons were the Danish battle-axe (a two-handed, long-handled battle axe with a heavy chopping head) and a long double-edged sword. Spears and slings were also in use.

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