What usually goes wrong with 2.8L chevy engines? [ 10 points ]?

Ive been looking at an 1986 s10 blazer with a 2.8L engine with 169k but a couple of people told me not to get it because the 2.8 is a junk motor.

Answer 1

The 2.8L that I had in my 1983 S-10 was very reliable until 130,000 miles and I blew a head gaskets. Other than that, I had pretty good luck with it.

Answer 2

The 2.8L was prone to headgasket failure and oil leaks. Even if that doesn’t become an issue, it is a very underpowered engine in the S10 Blazer and it drinks gas horribly for such a smaller V6. If you must get an S-10 Blazer, consider a later model (1988 or newer) with the 4.3L V6. That is a very reliable engine and while the mpg didn’t change too much, you’ll at least have the power to justify it. I’m an import guy but I know that the 4.3 is a good engine. It’s basically a chopped 305 GM engine with 2 less cylinders and smaller pistons.

Answer 3

I have an 86 GMC s15 that had roughly 530 thousand miles on it before the motor went out. Very reliable motor you just need to maintain it, best thing to do is put a cold air intake, throttle body spacer and a dual exhaust. That’ll get the little old motor to about 262 HP and 32-34 miles to the gallon. That’s what I did and I still prefer this antique over newer vehicles.

Answer 4

Terrence B is exactly right until he goes into the chopped 305 business. The 4.3 Chevy V6 is a 5.7 (350) with two cylinders left off. The 2.8 and especially the 3.1 are prone to ƈɾąƈƙ cylinder heads but then so is the 4.3. If the price is right a 350 swap is easy enough but the trans will not fit. You will need an adapter or the trans out of a blazer with the 4.3 engine.

Answer 5

the 2.8l is an ok motor its not great but not bad. i had an 88 s-10 blazer with 160K+ and had no problems. there typical gm products eventually you’ll replace the the starter, fuel pump before 200k if not already done. also if it sits for any longer than 2months the plugs will foul. if it was taken care of and you take care of it, it will be just fine. also like it been said a 350 swap is easy and there are plenty websites to help.

Answer 6

Had Chevy S-10 with the 2.8.
Great little truck…..the engine was a joke.
Bottom went out on the previous elderly owner at 30,000.
I bought it with 66,000 miles and bottom went out (AGAIN) at 79,000.
The 60 degree angle of the cylinders does not lend itself to long term durability.

Answer 7

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ive used as daily tripper 95 s10 replaced starters timing sets head now doing lower mains an crank one emer brake cable two coils few plugs neutral safety water pump thats 285, 000 ,, but for blazer no little more power needed it also has ramsey 8.000 on front i like the mileage haulin feed an trailors use i ton good vehicle for intended use

Answer 8

Chevy 2.8 V6

Answer 9

2.8 Chevy V6

Answer 10

One problem with the 2.8 is the oil returns were so small that the oil could not get back to the lower end, especially if it had alot of miles one it.The returns would get blocked very easily.

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