What should I answer these psych questions? how would you?

You are never in a bad mood.

Answer 1

answer them truthfully, for yourself. it is supposed to be a test to help you gt help, not to survey the YA universe.

Answer 2

Just tell the truth. We can”t answer them for you.
Here are my answers anyway:
1) Disagree. Often get slightly ᴘιssed off
2) Obvious
3) Agree. I don’t ask for help much
4) Disagree. No I worry a lot but I don’t realise I am nervous
5) Agree. Yeah they should understand, if they don’t then they are being too impatient. Doesn’t mean I shouldn’t try to do what I said I would though.
6) Agree. Use to be late all the time. Improved a lot.
7) Agree. Same as 5)
8) Disagree. I can’t be αɾꜱεd since most people are delusional.
9) I don’t know. Agree?
10) Agree. Many things. I want to change though and do jobs as soon as they appear. E.g. cleaning my ****. I haven’t done that for months.

17) Disagree
18) No and anyone who says they have alway made good decisions is probably lying
19) No.
20) Adjust the truth – lol – do you mean spin or lying? Lying can create more problems than it’s worth. Spin is sometimes necessary.

Answer 3

1. Agree
2. Well obviously. That’s a stupid question.
3. Agree
4. Disagree
5. Agree
6. Agree
7. Agree
8. Disagree
9. Agree
10. Agree
17. Disagree
18. Disagree
19. Disagree
20. Agree

Answer 4

1. If it looks big then it’s close if it’s small then its far 2. No But I do remember realizing how amazingly small people and cars were when I was on top of the empire state building on a school trip 3. Yes, and it’s pretty funny I went to open a door and I assumed that if I oƿє-ṅєd it, it wasn’t going to hit me because it was far from my head but it wasn’t and my head was closer to this object than I expected lol I am a 21 year old middle eastern female

Answer 5

1. kinda agree. most of the time.
2. agree. duh.
3. agree to some extent.
4. disagree. I worry a lot.
5. agree, again to some extent.
6. agree.
7. agree.
8. disagree
9. agree.
10. agree. like now, I should be practicing my math and studying zoology.
17. disagree to a point.
18. agree, but almost always started with bad ones.
19. agree, but it’s hard for me to start them
20. agree to a point.

Answer 6

Sometimes you get satisfaction out of disobeying the rules. Agree or disagree

Answer 7

You never late for work

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