What is the phone number 16666666666?

Someone, a male, using this number has called my church on a few occasions and told the pastor things like, “You are bound for Hell and I am coming for you tonight.” On other occasions he would call and completely insult our religion, insult the preacher using personal details of his life, and this person has even started calling other people who attend the church.

Answer 1

They are spoofing their caller ID. Google it

Answer 2

Well, if you notice, the whole number has the number 666, which, in realism to the Bible, is Satan’s number, so, if it is a real person, then it may very well be Satan contacting you, do not answer the call if you get a call from this number, block it and ignore it at all costs.

Answer 3

It’s not a real phone number, but if you call your phone company they might be able to block it. With caller ID, you can simply not answer calls from that number; or hang up the phone without even listening; or keep a loud whistle or air horn by the phone.

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Answer 5

i think it is the phone number of the Devil so yea not sure peace out

Answer 6

It’s probably someone random

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