What is the meaning to the song ‘Fine Again’ by Seether?

I need the best explanation as possible.

Answer 1

I believe most songs are written with lyrics that can be taken in a couple different ways, people will just find the different meanings according to their own current life situation. I always had the impression that this song was about a break up, left to discover things on his own. hes depressed and everything seems grim and grey, they say its over(the relationship) and he will be fine again (get over the breakup) but he doesn’t think he will get over it, he feels like he is in hell, he can’t stay sober. the dream in him expires(possibly his dreams of being with this girl) and theres no one left to blame it on (if she left him then i guess he would be the only person to blame) thats my guess.

Answer 2

Fine Again Lyrics

Answer 3

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Answer 4

Some of couplets of the song can be interpreted by elements of the biography of the singer, Shaun Morgan, who had some problems of addiction to alcohol. Fine again is a sad song, a paradoxical title given the tone of the song. To be fine is to stay sober and it s not easy. It s difficult to handle this problem and at the same time keep going with the band and his girlfriend.
Learn to appreciate again the world without the euphoria given by alcohol is hard: “It seems like every day’s the same…”
So he s living a kind of depression. Every day s a battle.
The staff of his group probably want him to be on his feet again to go on: “They say it’s over…” but it s not him who s talking, he still had doubts about his rehab.
The promise to be rid of this it s too far, he s thinking about now: “one day/Too late, I’m in hell”.
This addiction destroy his couple, understand “get through” his addiction “I hear you label me a liar/‘cause I can’t seem to get this through” that awakes in him the need to drink.

Answer 5

This is about how you can be fine again after a break up.

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