What is the ending to the up-your-butt-and-around-the-corner saying?

I always remember answering people who were asking me a “Where” question with “Up your вυŧŧ and around the corner!” if I was angry with them. One time I was trying to figure out the rest of the rhyme, and my brothers just wouldn’t tell me. I’ve searched and searched, and asked people, but no one will tell me!

Answer 1

i’ve heard it as “up your вυŧŧ and around the corner through your tubes and out your ҍօ.օҍs through the floor and out the door!”

Answer 2

Up your butt, around a corner, through a tube and out your ҍօ.օҍ

Answer 3

we used to say up your вυŧŧ and round the corner, all the way to California

Answer 4

Up ur вυŧŧ and 2 the left?

Answer 5

that’s the end of it. there isn’t any more to the rhyme. the joke goes
Q: where’s the (insert object here)?
A: Up your вυŧŧ and around the corner!

Answer 6

Through the tube and out your… Nvr mind. I listen to my friends tooooooo much.

Answer 7

“twice as far with a canning jar”

Answer 8

all the way to california

Source(s): im 14 i know these things

Answer 9

…make a left and out your *****! That’s how I always said it.

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