What is Canada rank number 1?

What rank is Canada in size?

number 39
Canada 2020 population is estimated at 37,742,154 people at mid year according to UN data. Canada population is equivalent to 0.48% of the total world population. Canada ranks number 39 in the list of countries (and dependencies) by population.

How big is Canada compared to the rest of the world?

Canada is one of the largest countries in the world by total area and the fourth-largest by land area. It occupies much of the North American continent, sharing its border with the United States and stretches from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean in the east and west respectively. Canada is divided into ten provinces and three territories.

Which is the largest city in Ontario by population?

The 10 Biggest Cities in Ontario by Population Rank City Population (2016) Area 1 Toronto 2,731,571 630.2 km 2 2 Ottawa 934,243 2,790.3 km 2 3 Mississauga 721,599 292.43 km 2 4 Brampton 593,638 266.36 km 2

Which is the most populous province in Canada?

One of the 13 provinces and territories of Canada, Ontario has a total population of 13,448,494. It is Canada’s most populous province and the fourth-largest in terms of total land area (1,076,395 km2).

Which is the highest ranked University in Canada?

The highest-ranked university in Canada’s capital city, the University of Ottawa is placed joint 281 st in the world, up eight places from 2019, and is the largest bilingual university in the world, with around 42,250 students. 7. York University

What is a good salary for a single person in Canada?

On average, a single person needs about $2,771 CAD per month for living expenses, and for families of four, the necessary salary is $5,230 CAD monthly. The amount of money you need to live comfortably in Canada differs from one city to another.

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What is Canada rank number 1?

This is the first time Canada has claimed the top spot in the annual ranking. The country placed second in the 2020 report and was in third place in 2019. Canada ranked #1 out of 78 countries, beating out Japan, Germany, Switzerland and Australia, which rounded out the top five. The United States came in sixth.

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