What is a well known candy starting with “E” ?

I’m making a poem of candy, or cereal brands, and I can’t find one for E !!

Answer 1

English Toffee, Everlasting Gobstobers

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Answer 2

Candy That Starts With E

Answer 3

I remember little cubed candies called Ice Cubes. They are like small chocolate bars in a cube shape. I’m not sure where you could get them, though. Maybe one of those candy stores in the mall.

Answer 4

Everlasting Gobbstoppers (from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Rohl Dahl)
Eclipse mints/gum

That’s all I can think of, sorry

Answer 5

Energy it’s a dark chocolate bar here in NZ

Answer 6

Eye popers

Answer 7

The only thing that comes to mind is English Toffee.

Answer 8

Eclairs. Nestle Eclairs? Umm…or cereal brands? Umm..I don’t think there are any E cereal brands.

Answer 9

Eclipse gum maybe?

Answer 10

eggo waffle cereal

Answer 11

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