What is a Motte and Bailey castle kids?

What does Motte and Bailey castle look like?

Motte and bailey castles contained a large, circular mound, usually up to 5m high, on which stood a wooden tower or keep. The mound was surrounded by a ditch and there would have been a bailey, or enclosed courtyard, attached.

What is a motte used for?

A motte was an earth mound, forming a defensible raised platform on which a tower – a keep – could be built. The earth for the motte would be taken from around its own base, forming a deep ditch, aiding the builders’ ability to defend.

What was a Motte and Bailey castle used for?

Motte and bailey castles were a form of castle structure that enabled the new Norman conquerors of England and Wales to secure areas of land quickly and cheaply. The Normans needed a castle design they could erect quickly to subdue the vanquished Britons.

What are the advantages of a Motte and Bailey castle?

Motte and Bailey Castles

Advantages quick to build protected by the soldiers Disadvantages made of wood temporary
Evaluation A motte and bailey castle was a way that William the Conqueror could control his land that he had just won. This was only temporary solution though so that is why stone castles started to be built

Why was the motte and bailey important to the Normans?

When the Normans invaded England in 1066, they knew that Motte and Bailey castles were fundamental to conquering the country. The Normans were ferocious fighters, and had captured huge swathes of land across Northern Europe – and Motte and Bailey castles had been extremely important in their previous successes.

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What does a motte and bailey castle look like?

Jump to navigation Jump to search. A motte-and-bailey castle is a fortification with a wooden or stone keep situated on a raised earthwork called a motte, accompanied by an enclosed courtyard, or bailey, surrounded by a protective ditch and palisade.

What are the weaknesses of a motte and bailey?

Major defensive frailties: A Motte would be susceptible to collapse under the weight of a castle, whilst they were good in the short term the castle would require shoring up and possibly even rebuilding in the longer term. Wooden fortifications are also susceptible to simple methods of attack.

Where did the name motte and bailey come from?

The name motte and bailey come from Norman words. Motte means mound or ‘clod of earth’ and bailey means an enclosure. As many as 1,000 Motte and Bailey Castles may have been built in England by the Normans. The last motte-and-bailey castles were built in 1200.

What are the strengths and weaknesses of the Motte and Bailey castle?

Although the wooden structure was much more vulnerable to damage than a stone structure, a motte and bailey castle could be built quickly until the Normans had the time to build more permanent stone structures. The major weakness of the motte and bailey castle was the likelihood of the keep rotting or burning down.

How do we know about Motte and Bailey castles?

Motte and bailey castles appeared in England after the Norman Conquest of 1066. Motte and bailey castles were a common feature in England by the death of William the Conqueror in 1087. Their construction was the start of what was to become a massive castle building programme in England and Wales.

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What is a Motte and Bailey castle kids?

The motte is a raised mound of earth which has a wooden or stone building on it, often referred to as a keep. The bailey is an enclosed courtyard that is surrounded by walls and a ditch and palisade — which is a wooden stake fence.

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