What happened to merkmojinx?

What happened to him? I can t find him on Youtube or anywhere.

Answer 1

No, his parents saw some of the videos and since he was probably saying “Im making videos with friends” instead of saying “im prank calling hookers” so when they found out what he was doing they made him remove everything so he can get in a good college and good job. In his prank call montage he wrote in the desc: I don’t want people worrying about why the old prank call videos had to be deleted, or why the videos had to be reformatted for this montage, so I will leave you with this: An unnamed individual, who was a big part of the prank calling series and a good friend, had to step away from Youtube and other social media due to a lack of honesty/transparency with their legal guardian. The legal guardian is looking out for this individual’s best interests, and I respect their decisions and wish them both the best of luck in the future!

Answer 2

i think he changed his name or created a new channel perhaps you can find him on related subscribers.

Answer 3

idk either, his channel was deleted though:https://www.youtube.com/TheMojinx

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