what does the word ‘indided’ mean?

coz in the movie

Answer 1

I think you mean “indicted”: which is charged with a crime.

Answer 2

Since I didn’t see the movie, I have no idea the context in which it was used, but according to the Oxford Dictionary; “indided” does not exist. More than likely the screenplay writer, made the word up. Creative writers especially in works of fiction, are known for doing this. In the 14th century, the father of Poetry Chaucer was famous for it!

Answer 3

indicted- To accuse of wrongdoing; charge: a book that indicts modern values.
Law To make a formal accusation or indictment against (a party) by the findings of a jury, especially a grand jury.

Answer 4

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The word is, I believe, “indicted,” which is pronounced “in-DITE-ed.” It means a formal accusation of the commission of a crime that ordinarily results in a trial and may result in a conviction or acquittal.

Answer 5

Indided Definition

Answer 6

spelling is “indicted” meaning to be charged with a crime

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