What does not provided by employer mean on snagajob?

I’ve been applying by my status isbthe Same for all .

Answer 1

Hi there! I m a representative from Snagajob. “Not provided by employer” means that we don t have access to see the status of your application with that employer. In these cases, we recommend following up to stand out and check the status. Here s some tips – http://www.snagajob.com/resources/video-how-to-fol…

Answer 2

“not provided by employer” means your employer does not provide it (whatever “it” is). your employer is the person or company who has given you a job, whereby you do work for them in exchange for money. when it is stated that your employer doesn’t provide something, if that something is an item or service that you need, then it is your responsibility to provide it for yourself.

Answer 3

You really haven’t given us enough information to answer you properly. But here’s a guess:

There are a list of benefits that may or may not come with a job. “Not provided by employer” means the employer does not provide that particular benefit.

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