What does Miska Muska mean?

My daughter just randomly started walking around the house going Miska Muska. I can find it online…it has something to do with Micky Mouse. But I can’t find the translation or anything like that.

Answer 1

Miska Muska is Brazilian website for mickymouse
here is the link

Answer 2

Mickey, Michael, Macail, Macall, Mouse, Mikey, Mitchel, Michelle, mechele and many other names that in different languages, but in this instance I am pretty sure it means Mickey Mouse which would be the Brazilian to English translations. Michael is the greek translation and Russian translations, but it also means bear in Russian so honestly this is where they got that it has a link to God, Archangel Michael, which yes indeed was the closest angel to God other than Lucifer. I don’t think it was evil or spiritual on purpose. seeing how it suppose to mean Mickey not Michael.

Answer 3

She probably is a lot smarter than her Mom. How do you not know what your child watches on TV? You’re probably one of these stay at home Mons that sticks her kid in front of the TV,while she stuffs her face with cheetos all day,and shops on QVC. Just sayin..be more involved with your children

Answer 4

Well I have a daughter who loves watching that show. But as a concerned father who believes in conspiracies and things like that, so I did a bit of research and came across this.

It made me make a serious deciosion about that show now.

It basically translates the name to meaning who is like god. Its also the name of one gods 7 archangels which was said to be the closest to god.

Source(s): http://www.babynology.com/meaning-miska-m21.html

Answer 5

i knew it. Disney is always up to something. thanks for the info

Answer 6

musk for men

male musk

miška muška

Answer 7

looks like the devil has shifted his attacks more on lil children…to hypnotize I guess!!!

Answer 8

it’s just something they made up for the show. it means nothing.

Answer 9

it’s baby talk.
as time go by you will be able to see what it means.

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