What does Lil Wayne mean ‘what is poppin, slime’ in Look At Me Now?

In the Chris Brown song, Look At Me Now, when Lil Wayne says “What is poppin, Slime” who knows what he means. You can interpret it anyway you wish.

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If you’re talking about the classic dudes, really not many are still relevant. I mean, sure they make music and it’s still great, but the amount of listeners has dropped relatively quickly, which is a real shame. If you mean whose still making quality music, I’d say Nas Common DMX I GUESS you could say Puffy (Diddy) As for relevance though, If you notice many don’t stay for long. Think about it, whose still relevant over 40? Only people I can think of are Jay-Z and Snoop Dogg (Oh wait, Snoop Lion) and honestly Those two are probably only getting the attention cause of Kanye(for Jay) and Wiz(for Snoop) . I guess Dre was a few years ago with Detox. Honorable old school mentions would be Ice Cube Mobb Deep Dr. Dre The Game Busta Rhymes Rakim (I don’t know if he should be on the upper list though considering I never really listen to him) Method Man when his next album drops. Early 2000’s would be Eminem Tech n9ne T.I. Kanye West I would say some good newcomers are Kendrick Lamar A$AP Rocky Earl Sweatshirt Childish Gambino

Answer 2

Whats Poppin Slime

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http://www.youtube. com/watch?v=ZepklQu2RP0

Answer 8

young thug, I don t what everyone else talkin bout

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I think it has something to do with his “affiliation” to the blood gang.
From Miss Me “Yeah it’s blood gang slime, but I’m probly with Snoop”
I don’t know, like you said you can interpret it however you want.

Answer 7

A saying . its like saying ***** but instead slime

Source(s): The hood

Answer 5

“Slime” and “Five” are words the bloods use to talk to each other. So basically Wayne is talking to his bloods when he says: “What’s poppin’ SLIME? Nothin’ FIVE, and if theyr trippin’ **** ’em FIVE”

Answer 1

its his blood game nick name

Answer 6

http://www.youtube. com/watch?v=ZepklQu2RP0

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