what does “koko made” mean in japanese?

i kind of have an idea but im not sure..thanks if you know

Answer 1

Yes, “Koko made (ここまで)” is like “up to here,” or “until here.”

For reference, I list another example of “Koko made.”
eg. Kyou wa koko made ni shiyo! (今日(kyo u) はここまでにしよう!)
=Let’s call it a day!
Cf. Though this English translation doesn’t have “up to here,” “Koko made” in the Japanese translation contains the meaning of ” up to here.”
Does this make sense?

Hope my answer helps!

Source(s): Native Japanese who is now studying in the US

Answer 2

“Until then, until now, to then, to now (usually one of the first two.)” Like much of Japanese, it depends on context. But it should be somewhere along those lines.

Answer 3

“ここまで” (koko made) means “until here” or “to here” like when you are measuring distance and you say “from there to here”.

good luck.

Answer 4

Until here

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