What does it mean to have “deep” eyes?

I don’t mean like deep-set eyes, I mean like in movies and books when people say “so-and-so’s deep blue/green/exc. eyes”. What makes eyes be considered “deep” in that sense? And why is it usually only applied to people with light eyes, like green or blue, and not brown? Thanks! (10 points to best answer)

Answer 1

I agree with what krisha said, it means that when you look into their eyes it triggers something for you, be it an attraction or strong emotion. Their eyes seem to hold something that you can see into more than others whose eyes could be described as ‘flat’ simply because it doesn’t trigger something for you personally. I don’t think it matters what colour they are and it can differ for every person.

A reason why it may only be applied to people with light eyes (though i have never heard that) could be because when you look into someone with light eyes there are a lot more colours you can see easily (normally) and you don’t have to look so hard to see those colour changes. Whereas with darker eyes you have to pay a bit more attention to find subtle differences in shade.

Answer 2

When they use a color, they mean it’s a darker shade of that color. So deep blue would be a darker blue, deep green a darker green. Which is also why they use colors that would typically be considered light. Not to mention “deep brown eyes” sounds a little weird!

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Answer 3

I think when you say someone has “deep” eyes, it means that their eyes hold a lot of emotion. Maybe you can see a little more about that person just through their eyes. *shrugs* I never thought it depended on the colour…

Answer 4

It means that when you look at someone with deep eyes there’s a emotion or connection that triggers you to them compared to those that don’t have deep eyes. Answer mine: http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20140128205309AAg74JF


Answer 5

A lot of emotion

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