What does “have you ever been bonded” mean on a job application?

Andrew, I don’t think that’s right, but thanks for answering.

Answer 1

Bonded means insured. At some time in the past have you ever been insured against the loss of a large amount of money or valuable merchandise.

My wife was bonded as the guardian of her father. his estate was valued in excess of 5 million. She was insured against the loss or theft of that money. The bond cost her about $2000 a year.

Most cashiers at grocery stores or electronic stores are bonded. anywhere you will be responsible for large amounts of cash.

Answer 2

I have been a bonded employee a few times. For a courier job and as a home health worker. In both cases my employer did a criminal check to ensure I had no criminal record.
As I was dealing with legal documents in the one case, and being inside someone’s home in the other these employers do not hire people with criminal records. I assumed being bonded meant my records had been checked and my employer was guaranteeing that I was trust worthy and did not have a criminal past.
That’s my understanding anyway.

Answer 3

Have You Ever Been Bonded

Answer 4

Being bonded is somewhat of an insurance policy, you are fingerprinted and pay for a document that states the job description and that it is of a confidential nature and that you will not discuss your job, its clients or its objective with anyone other than those within the company and/or agency. God Bless.

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