what does employer name mean?

Answer 1

If you’re asking about a section on an application, they generally want your previous and/or current place of employment. So, if you don’t work now but last worked at McDonald’s, you would put that under “previous employer name” and nothing under “current employer name.”

Answer 2

Employer name would be the name of the company/person you work for. You are the employee, the empolyer would be the company that hired you. So if you worked for Sears, then Sears would be the employer name. You could also include the name of your supervisor if it’s a large company that you work for. Example: Employer Name: Sears – Supervisor: Jack Black

Answer 3

employer name means the name of the company you want to work for.

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Answer 4

the person who gives you a job is an employer and you better know his name to fill in the forms.

Answer 5

current employer

Answer 6

The name of the place you work

Answer 7

The name of the person or company that you work for. The one who pays your salary.

Answer 8

the employer is the owner you are the employee.

Answer 9

The same question pops up again

Answer 10

its where u work the name of the plac e thta u work at employer is ur job..

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