What does “Born of a jackal” mean?

I heard this line in a song and I have no idea what it means.

Answer 1

same thing as ‘son of a *****’

Answer 2

The Jackal is an animal in reference to the Devil. If you watch The Omen you will see that the devils child was born from a Jackal instead of a human like Jesus was born from Mary. So it means the Devil’s son/daughter.

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What Does Jackal Mean

Answer 4

Born Again? Very good question, and not surprised that you’re confused. This term comes from John chapter 3, Jesus speaking to Nicodemus: “Do not marvel when I say to you, you must be born again…” (John 3:7). A more literal translation of the Greek would be: “you all must be born from above.” It has come to characterize Christians who have undergone a personal conversion experience. The question remains whether or not this new birth is something that the believer must consciously feel. Traditional Christian Churches such as the Roman Catholics, Orthodox, later the Lutheran, and Anglican (and Methodist) believed that baptism of infants was sufficient to confer the grace of salvation upon the person. Anabaptists, for example, questioned this and said that only adult believers should be baptized as an act of their own free will. Most modern day Evangelical churches follow this practice. Pentecostalism is somewhat different from both traditional Protestantism and contemporary Evangelicalism. This is because of their belief in a second Baptism–that of the Holy Spirit. Sometimes they view speaking in tongues as the “evidence” of this Baptism. This doctrine has caused more division than it ought to, but the belief in the second indwelling of Christ is something that has been uncomfortable for a lot of Christians for some time. It’s possible that this experience is what the Wesleys were after. Their revivalist movement was called “Methodism” because they seemed to have a method to getting people saved and then sanctified by the power of the Holy Spirit. They can be understood as precursors to the modern day Pentecostal revival that was sparked at Asuza Street in Los Angeles in the early 1900’s. It was at an AME (African Methodist Episcopal) church that a preacher named William Seymour led the revivals that came to be called Pentecostalism. Your question underscores the unfortunate, but very real divide that exists in today’s Evangelical Christians between the Charismatic (another term loosely meaning Pentecostal) and the Fundamental (those who are strongly Bible based but deny any miraculous powers are given to the believer). An example would be Oral Roberts (Charismatic healer) vs. Billy Graham (dynamic, but not “Charismatic,” preacher). The emphasis on being born again would be more Fundamental, while the Pentecostals would urge the believer to be “filled with the Holy Spirit.” An example of a strongly Fundamental but anti-Charismatic institution would be the Dallas Theological Seminary. Some people would disagree with this characterization of “Fundamental,” by I think its accurate. I’d much rather preach to you the scriptures; but I remember my days of seeking answers, and I just wanted some basic information. Yours in Christ, Nick

Answer 5

Jackals are Asian dog-like mammals that eat carrion and are generally disgusting. People with poor morals are called jackals especially if they prey on others. It means low-life scumbag. generally

Answer 6

Born of a monster, of a wild beast.

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NoBody Knws!

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