What does an Angel in Disguise mean? ?

Someone called me that today.

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prolly sum1 who pretends to be sweet and innocent but wen there not around certain ppl there really crazy and loud or devilish.

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Angel In Disguise Meaning

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Angel in disguise means a good person.

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What does an Angel in Disguise mean? ?
Someone called me that today.

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The dream might infer that you take things way too hard and that you feel out of your depth with most situations and events (perhaps your job) in ways that other people just take it like their everyday expectation. The Guardian Angel is your better self trying to tell you that the middle aged person is worth saving and that you do not need to worry and concern yourself about certain matters that have no real relevance to your every day way of life. The guy who saved you might be reference as to how you feel left out of the “circle” at work or with friends and that you still believe in the “knight in shining armour” will come and save you form your plight and woes.

Answer 6

They will come as children in the cancer hospitals or children with parents in foster homes getting abused not loved crying them shelf to sleep while all us enjoy are family’s on x mas and thanks giving and those who can see and love them take them I’m like family or even getting the 18 year old girl who sells her body for a fix and no family to care but a stranger takes loves like family and helps stalbilze the very damaged mental state some could even come out there body and even change forms the do all this as secret as posible some there even saving people in auto plain accidents they are given super powers to save a life and as crazy as it sounds you all can be one those who give up there life will gain and live forever how do I know this ………..we’ll I do

Answer 7

Yes.. I am 50 yrs old, i’ve met up with Angels on three occasions, four beings total. in every case, I did not realize they were angels until much later and they were long gone never to be seen again. I think thats generally the case with most other people who’ve had similar experiences as well.

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