What current is needed in the solenoid’s wires?

A researcher would like to perform an experiment in a zero magnetic field, which means that the field of the earth must be cancelled. Suppose the experiment is done inside a solenoid of diameter 1.5m , length 4.0m , with a total of 6000 turns of wire. The solenoid is oriented to produce a field that opposes and exactly cancels the field of the earth. What current is needed in the solenoid’s wires?

Answer 1

Using Ampere’s Law, the magnetic field produced inside this solenoid is given by

B = uo N I / h

where uo is the vacuum permeability, N is the number of turns in the solenoid and h is the length of the solenoid. Earth’s magnetic field is around 50 microteslas in North America thus the current needed in the solenoid is

I = B h / (uo N) = (50 E-6 ) (4) / ((4 pi E-7)(6000) ) = 0.026 A

I = 26 mA

So you need a current of around 26 mA.

Answer 2

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