What common object weighs about 50 pounds?

I am filling out an application and it asks if I am able to lift up to 50 pounds. I never really lift weights or anything, but is there anything I can try to lift, that would be about 50 pounds?

Answer 1

The largest bags of dog food they sell are 50 lbs.

A small bag of cement mix is often 50 lbs

200 dollars in Quarters weighs about 50 lbs

Answer 2

Things That Weigh 60 Pounds

Answer 3

your not going to become a buff freak unless you give 110% in the gym for hours and eat a ton of calories, so i wouldnt worry about it if you plan on using homemade dumbbells grab two ten pound rocks and bench em

Answer 4

50 pounds is about a sack of potatoes, do you think you could lift that? Or a few bags of cat litter!
Good luck

Answer 5

well 1 stone = 14 pounds
so you’d be able to carry about 4 stone ish
Hope I Have Helped X =D

Answer 6

a large cooler full of beer and ice

A company I used to work for had that same requirement for certain jobs. They actually made people do it as part of the interview.

Answer 7

it’s equivilent to 10 five-pound bags of sugar or flour….. so go get one of those and try muliplying it by 10

Answer 8

20″ tv. tube, not LCD or plasma

Or 6 gallons of water

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