What cartoon character says, “Fast as fast can be. You’ll never catch me.”?

Answer 1

The Jackalope

Answer 2

The puppet rabbit called Jackalope in America’s Funniest Home Videos and it think its not a cartoon but a puppet

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Answer 3

Gingerbread Man?

Answer 4


Answer 5

Not me! Yeeeha, Yeeeha! Arrrreeeba!
Speedy Gonzales

Answer 6

Bing! Bing! Bing! – Ricochet Rabbit

Answer 7

its not a cartoon character. its the jackalope from americas most funniest home video.

Answer 8

The damn Jackalope from old school AFHV.

Answer 9

gingerbread man? bugs bunny?

Answer 10

i think that is rikershay rabbit. but not 100% sure.

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