What are you passionate about?

I’m passionate about cats, and doing something about the feral population, and dumping of unwanted cats!

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i have a deep passion for the loving care of the elderly , children and animals. These three groups are dependent on others for their care and well being.
When I was a child I was dependent on my parents for love, support and nurturing.They provided all my needs until I was able to care for myself.

One day, I will be elderly and need someone to take care and provide for my needs when I am no longer able to do so.And to love me when or if I become difficult to care for and or love,

Animals are dependent upon people to ensure they are protected, cared for and loved.

Children are our future; our future leaders will come from the children of today.

The elderly are great educators.It is through them that we learn many valuable lessons.

Animals provide companionship and love to many lonely people.They are also a prime example of the wonders and beauty found on the universe.

I am also deeply passionate about my boyfriend..He is a truly wonderful man.He is a very caring man who thinks of others before himself.He has a passion for living life to its fullest.He has a wonderful sense of humor and the sound of his voice warms
my heart.He’s a wonderful person and he loves me.



Answer 2

Awesome question!! I’m so glad you’re doing something about the feral population! I’m passionate about cats and dogs. I have a trap kit in my trunk just in case.. so far I’ve rescued (only) 2 cats from a bad neighborhood – they are bro. and sis. and about 5 months old. right now they’re at the shelter I volunteer at (which is low-kill, meaning they WONT be put down)
Good job, i’m so glad there are people like you out there!! Do you do T N R? I think that is the most humane way to deal with ferals. Otherwise, it’s almost like you’re just taking out a shot gun and shooting them if you trap them and bring them to shelters. They just put them down. I’d rather let them live their lives and not make anymore babies! haha i could talk for hours.

Answer 3

Killer whales,getting rid of taxes, horror movies, Trish Stratus, bellies, The Little Shop of Horrors, Audrey 2, man eating plants, anti-censorship, sending illegal aliens back home, The Polyphonic Spree, Neve Campbell, Tom Hanks, Jimmy Bennett, Bruce Willis, Meat Loaf-the singer, comedy, Daniel Tosh, roller coasters, ferris wheels, anti-racism, Fort Delaware aka Pea Patch Island, vanilla pudding,fat people, making all public transportation free, Hanson, ICP, Twiztid, bunnies, rabbits, dogs, cats, koalas, horses, Barbaro, Smarty Jones, Sea Biscuit, Funny Cide, The Black Stallion, Davigh Chase, Jessica Beil, Mariah Carey and my family and freinds. WE NEED more man eating plant movies!

Answer 4

Hi Cat Lady :),
I’m passionate about Cinema.

Answer 5

I am passionate about writing, simply because writing is a tool that can be used by everyone of every passion to express their passion, to help, to share information, to meet others, to even think things through with clarity.

Writing is the passion of passions.

Answer 6

I’m passionate about the environment. I’m not the biggest tree hugger, but I feel that since we use the Earth, we should give back to it. At this rate (with global warming and the pollution levels), the resources are going to run out fast.

Answer 7

There is a poor cat in my apartment complex you can take care of! lol the owners are supposed to keep him in their house, but they let him wander around all the time, and he always tries to come in my apartment and hes always hungry. I love animals, but I cant keep him because I have parakeets that he would love to eat. I feel bad for him though, because he needs a loving home.

As for your question, I am passionate about animals. I love all animals. I love them more than most humans =)

Answer 8

Bringing technology to the healthcare community in underserved inner city areas. I work for a healthcare clinic that serves the poor in Chicago. It feels awesome to bring quality technology to assist the docs and clinicians in serving the poor. Sounds corny, but true. I made good money in sales for years, but I’ve never felt as satisfied till now.

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Answer 10

Making my little space a brighter, more cheerful place for everyone to enjoy. I see others in the neighborhood doing the same & recall the saying:

“It only takes one spark to start a fire…
one person can make a difference.”

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