What are you passionate about and why?

Answer 1

Animals/animal rights. I’ve loved animals ever since I was a child, and I feel like so many people just overlook them…Someone has to stick up for them and give them a voice.

Answer 2

I’m extremely passionate about being there for my friends/family. I care a great deal about their well being and repeatedly let them know that I’m always there if they need someone to listen. I truly believe that when people are going through hard times they don’t necessarily want a solution, but rather someone who will listen, reflect them and grieve with them as they experience pain. I’ll even do this with my Y!A contacts. If I see a question or answer of theirs that hints to me that they may be going through a hard time, I’ll always reach out and e-mail them to see if they’re okay. I know first hand what it’s like to feel alone when you’re in pain so that’s why I’m so passionate about reaching out to others when I think they may be experiencing it.

Answer 3

Acting. I love the rush I get when I’m on stage. I also love acting because it is fun, an I am going to a performing arts high school and I am going to major in theater. I feel like if I work hard I can make it to brodway. Acting can be a great was to teach people a lesson, like a moral of a story. I also think that acting is important because it can entertain us too.

Answer 4

I’m passionate about making people happy. Even if it’s the littlest thing you can do to put a smile on their face. I’m all about making people feel good and feel loved, I think it’s one of the best things a person can do for another person. So why not do it?

Answer 5

My passion for art

Answer 6


Answer 7

Playing piano and singing. I love entertaining people and I love music alot and I guess I just like making it too. I started playing piano when I was young, it just came to me that I wanted to play after experimenting with my voice. So I did and now I’m rather good and only 16 years old. [;

Answer 8

I am super passionate about apathy.

Answer 9

acting. i’ve been doing it every since i was little. i think it runs in my family cuz alot of my family is involved in showbiz. its like the only thing im really good at. haha.

Answer 10

If it weren’t for good humor, the world would be a boring place.

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