What airport do you fly into for Tarpon Springs Florida?

What is the closest city to Tarpon Springs Florida?

Major cities near Tarpon Springs, FL

  • 23 miles to Tampa, FL.
  • 27 miles to Saint Petersburg, FL.
  • 88 miles to Orlando, FL.
  • 165 miles to Jacksonville, FL.
  • 219 miles to Hialeah, FL.
  • 227 miles to Miami, FL.
  • 347 miles to Havana, Cuba.
  • 392 miles to Nassau, Bahamas.

When was the Tarpon Springs train station built?

Tarpon Springs Depot, built in 1909, is one of the oldest surviving train station buildings in the Tampa Bay Area. There are several districts or properties in Tarpon Springs that have been listed on the National Register of Historic Places : Many sites related to the sponge industry within the Greektown District also have been recognized.

What is the best spring in Florida?

These are 10 of the best springs in Florida that are truly worth the visit:

  • Three Sisters Springs — Crystal River, FL.
  • Fanning Springs — Fanning Springs, FL.
  • Juniper Springs — Silver Springs, FL.
  • Rock Springs — Apopka, FL.
  • Homosassa Springs — Homosassa, FL.
  • Ichetucknee Springs — Fort White, FL.

Is there alligators in Ginnie Springs?

However, alligators are usually not at Ginnie Springs as it is way too crowded. Ginnie Springs is connected to the Santa Fe River so if you are tubing for miles down the river, you may see an alligator on the river.

Are there springs in Tarpon Springs?

The famous Tarpon mineral springs, for which the town has become noted, comprise the Major, extending with a uniform width of 300 feet, a distance of one-half mile to its confluence with the Anclote river, and 10 or 12 smaller springs in the vicinity within a radius of 50 feet.

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Who are the Greek Americans in Tarpon Springs?

Tarpon Springs has the highest percentage of Greek Americans of any city in the US. Downtown Tarpon has long been a focal point and is currently undergoing beautification. The region, with a series of bayous feeding into the Gulf of Mexico, was first settled by white and black farmers and fishermen around 1876.

What’s the average temperature in Tarpon Springs Florida?

Average highs range from 89 °F (32 °C) to 91 °F (33 °C), with temperatures over 100 °F (38 °C) very rare. The record high temperature of 102 °F (39 °C) was observed on July 10, 1997. Pop.

Is Tarpon Springs a nice place to live?

Tarpon Springs is a nice town with a lot of cultural offerings. It has nice people and a lot of history, specifically the Greek culture. I enjoy going to the Sponge Docks and the many things to do in regards to living close to the water. Tarpon Springs is a Greek lil town in Florida.

Where is Tarpon Springs Florida located on map?

Tarpon Springs is a city in Pinellas County, Florida, United States. The population was 23,484 at the 2010 census.

Can you swim with manatees at Ginnie Springs?

Like Ichetucknee Springs you can occasionally spot a manatee in Ginnie Springs but the sighting is rare.

Is Tarpon Springs worth visiting?

Tarpon Springs is a beautiful city filled with culture, great food, and family-friendly fun. Located just 30 miles from downtown Tampa, it an unique destination that is definitely worth visiting.

What airport is closest to Ginnie Springs?

Ginnie Springs Outdoors is within a two-hour drive of Orlando, Jacksonville and Tallahassee airports, and just 40 minutes from the nearby Gainesville airport.

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What airport do you fly into for Tarpon Springs Florida?

St. Petersburg
The nearest airport to Tarpon Springs is St. Petersburg (PIE) Airport which is 17.1 miles away. Other nearby airports include Tampa (TPA) (18.1 miles), Sarasota/Bradenton (SRQ) (54.2 miles) and Orlando (MCO) (90.8 miles).

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