Tracfone system unavailable try later?

I just bought a new phone, went through the activation just fine (typed in the serial number online, turned the phone off and on again, called my house phone). I tried to add a 60 minute card, but a while after it said “processing, please keep your phone on to receive your airtime” I got a message that said “system unavailable, try later.” The minutes have not been added. There’s only one or two bars of signal, but that should be enough. Do I add the minutes again later, or do I just have to be patient?

Answer 1

You should have added the airtime card during the phone activation. You will need to wait 24 hours before you can add an airtime card.

You usually receive this message if Tracfone is updating their system. But since you just activated your phone, that is the reason why you can not add another airtime card. Wait at least 24 hours before you try to add the airtime card because Tracfone is putting your phones information into their system.

Yes you will need to retype the numbers on the airtime card, but wait for a day or two.

Source(s): Tracfone/Net10 customer for 13 years.

Answer 2

I had this problem for 3 days trying to add a 60 minute card to my phone. I only use this phone as an emergency phone when I don’t want to carry my good phone so it wasnt a huge problem for me but still what a pain. I finally called the number on the back of the card and was able to add them through their automated system. the number is 800 867 7183.

Answer 3

Net10 a tracphone company is experiencing the same problem on some numbers for a couple of months now, even on phones were add minutes used to work just fine. If you add it online and the minutes never show up on your phone they will have to guide through code entry mode They seem to be elusive about admitting what the problem is. Anyway hope you were able to add the minutes and you are not the only customer experiencing this problem

Answer 4

I ve had my tracfone for eight years with no problem… today I tried to phone home and got a message saying “No Service”.
I have 1229 minutes and my next adtime is 10/27/2016.
Can someone help me. Thanks

Answer 5

As the message said, try later. Has nothing to do with your phone. It’s Tracfone’s computer system is either has too many users or is being upgraded.

Answer 6

i can t call the number on the back of the card i don t have enough minutes left–i have the same problem trying to add minutes service unavailable try later–do they except text at this number?

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