England v India: third Test, day three – live! | Sport

[ad_1] 11.07am BST 11:07 131st over: England 431-8 (Overton 32, Robinson 0) Ravindra Jadeja starts at the other end to Robinson, who survives a couple of gentle LBW shouts. With Jadeja bowling over the wicket, both deliveries pitched outside leg stump. The general gloom is such that the lights are coming on, which could be … Read more

England v India: third Test, day two – live! | Sport

[ad_1] 11.10am BST 11:10 44th over: England 121-0 (Burns 53, Hameed 60) From the other end it’s Mohammed Shami, so Kohli is keeping his Bumrah dry. Shami bustles in and bowls to Burns, who is celebrating not just a return to form but his 31st birthday. He knows that this fifty will turn into a … Read more

England v India: third Test, day one – live! | Sport

[ad_1] 10.18am BST 10:18 Athers is talking us through the way that India decimated England at Lord’s. From Bumrah’s 10-ball over to India, to the words exchanged in the Long Room, that resulted in the barrage of bouncers on the final morning, India – and Kohli in particular – absolutely rinsed them. What he does … Read more