song about boyfriend in jail?

my boyfriend just got sent back to jail. and i miss him ALOT. and i was wonder if any of you knew any songs about a girl missing her boyfriend in jail???

Answer 1

when your gone – avril lavigne

Answer 2

I’m going to need more information about the reasoning behind his incarceration in order to answer this accurately. Otherwise, I’m just going to tell you to get out while you can before he drags you down with him. I’d like to give him the benefit of a doubt and hope he’s in there for something beyond his control and think it’s not his fault.

Answer 3

“Right Here Waiting for You”. My boyfriend is in jail too, but he gets out in six more day. Hang in there.

Answer 4

21 questions by 50 cent is the closest i can think of… but its more of him missing her if he went to jail

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