someone sent me a friend request on facebook and now it’s gone?

okay so someone tried to add me on facebook but i never accepted the friend request because i didn’t have time… and now i sign onto facebook later that day and the friend request is gone and i forgot who it was. is there anyway i can figure out who it was?

Answer 1

No,there is no way to find their name,it seems that they blocked you to break any connections and never show again as a friend request..

Please make sure that you received this request at an email address that is listed on your account. If the request was sent to a different email address then it will not show in your account. Feel free to send the other person a friend request from your account. Alternatively, you could ask them to request you as a friend again at the appropriate email address.

In addition, if someone deactivates his or her account, you will not see the friend request on your Home page.

Answer 2

Check your email and it’ll say who tried to add you.

It could be three things:

1. They may have deactivated their account.
2. They may have blocked you.
3. They may have canceled the request – you can do that now by clicking the X next to All Connections.

Answer 3

yes there is a way. go to your mail inbox and check for mails from facebook (search your inbox “added you as a friend” and sort it by date) then you may see the requests you’ve received. send a request back to them

Answer 4

No, unless one of your friends know who they are.

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