(Skyrim) What is the console command to teleport into Windhelm or various Windhelm homes?

Currently my game is bugged and any time I fast travel, or otherwise, to Windhelm my game freezes and crashes. I have also tried no-clipping into Windhelm but to no avail. I tried using the “CoC” command (coc Windhelm) but it does not work. If anyone has the ID’s for any interior shops, etc I maybe able to enter. Also, if you have the X,Y coordinates of Windhelm I could try and use the “CoW” command.

Answer 1

Try these for the castle and going from there:
This for the City itself:

Hope this will do the trick.

edit: @Robert, after an hour just set your question to answered.

Answer 2

Skyrim Teleport Command

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