Should I buy a hoverboard from beyond revolution? And should I even buy a hoverboard?

I’ve started wanting a hoverboard but noticed they’re about 400$. I found one on Amazon for 209$ and the brand is beyond revolution. I don’t know about that brand; is it a safe brand or a scam? I’m also just wondering are hoverboard a worth it even?

Answer 1

Cheaper is sketchy, low priced hover boards have been commonly know to ignite and start fire, Amazon has stopped selling a vast majority of them because of this problem… whatever you decide take caution and do a thorough review

I found this

The hoverboard is the hottest toy of the holiday season. But in some cases, they are literally going up in flames.

In Alabama, Timothy Cade posted video on YouTube of his new hoverboard moments after it exploded under his feet.

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“I came outside and turned it on,” Cade said. “I came down the sidewalk not even 100 feet and it exploded. It went boom.”

In Louisiana, a house burned down after a 12-year-old’s hoverboard ignited while charging.

“It was like fireworks,” said his mother Jessica Horne, “The middle part of the board — just ‘Poof!'”

A woman in Somerville sent WCVB pictures of her son’s charred hoverboard which caught fire on the second day he used it.

All of the hoverboards were purchased online.

At the new Rover 360 store in the Square One mall, owner Julie Rosato said it comes down to quality. The boards here are expensive, ranging from $600 to $1,000, but Rosato said you’re paying for a design that includes a rubber covering over the lithium ion battery and bigger, sturdier wheels.

“It’s a very quality design and because of that, they’re not going to catch on fire,” Rosato said.

Still, the Consumer Product Safety Commission has received eight reports over the past three months of hoverboard-related injuries that sent users to an emergency room.

It’s recommended that riders wear helmets and protective gear and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Answer 2

In the U.K. over 15,000 hoverboards have been safety tested – they all failed. There is no such thing as a “safe brand” when it comes to hoverboards – they are all cheaply and poorly made, in sweatshops in China, with virtually no quality control. This means they are all dangerous – every one of them.…

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