Rank standard molar entropy without a data table?

Without referring to a data table, rank the following compounds by standard molar entropy (highest to lowest). I can do it with a data table but not sure how to proceed without. Thank you for your help.

Answer 1

H2 has the least because it has only 2 electrons so there is not much IMF between them, leading to less energy present. Then following that, it will be C2H4 and N2, as they have increasingly more electrons, so there will be more van der waals forces between them, so SME will increase. I think so.

Answer 2

From highest to lowest standard molar entropy, C2H4 would be the highest because it has 6 atoms and the amu is 28, N2 would be the second highest because even though the amu is 28, N2 ONLY has two atoms. H2 would be the least because the amu is 2.

*REMEMBER the more atoms per molecule and higher molecular mass give rise to higher entropy.

I hope this helps and all the best to you and your academics!

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Answer 3

Standard Molar Entropy Table

Answer 4

NO WRONG EVERYONE HERE IS WRONG! It goes from highest entropy to least C2H4 to O2 to N2 being least. No one deserves the wrong answer from these guys.

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