Rank in order, from smallest to largest, the six torques (torque 1 to torque 2) about the hinge.?

Six forces, each of magnitude either F or 2F , are applied to a door as seen from above in the figure.

Answer 1

Torque1 = Torque2 = FL/2

Torque3 = Torque4 = FL/2*sin(theta)

Torque5 = 2FL

Torque6 = 0

So the order is torque6, (torque3&4), (torque1&2), torque 5 . Note sin(theta)<1 is why 3&4 are less than 1&2

Answer 2

If you are still running the points distributor, one wire went to the R terminal to send the full 12 volts to the points for start up. The other wire went to the S terminal to enɡɑɡe the solenoid. Use a test light or volt meter and see which wire has power when the ignition is turned to the start position. That one goes to the S terminal. The solenoid you have just has the S terminal.

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