Question: How To Break A Ps4 Without Anyone Knowing?

My husband is very addicted to the PS4 I bought him, all his focus into games and not the real world his life started falling apart bc of this addiction and it was affecting me and my child’s life as well! So does anyone know a way I can make him think it broke on its own, and have no idea I did it?

Answer 1

If hes not home for awhile you could try wrapping it in a towel or blanket and leave the ps4 on for a long time, this could overheat it, but i dont have experience with breaking a ps4. Just something you could try if you feel thats the only way to stop him from playing lol.

Answer 2

And you think doing more harm will make him stop? He’ll likely just buy a new one.

This likely isn’t the PS4’s fault. There’s other problems here that you’re not telling us (and frankly, don’t want to know).

There are people who are there to help. They are called marriage counselors.

Answer 3

Wow, breaking his PS4 is like him giving you a puppy and then he takes it back to the store when you play with it too much. Don’t take away his puppy.

Answer 4

If it is an actual problem that he has with video games than seek help for him. It is considered an actual diseas by places now that you can get help for.

If someone is an alcoholic and you get rid of all the alcohol in the house is he cured? There is a very high chance he will go out and buy more alcohol.

Answer 5

u need help wow poor ps4

Answer 6

Stick something in the disc tray so he won’t be able to put any discs in

Answer 7

If you break it, it is repairable or can be replaced. this is not the way to solve the problem. Intervention, ultimatums, counseling, etc…

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