qualcuno mi dà 5 frasi in inglese con this, that, these, those?

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Answer 1

this is my favourite movie-this is my house-this is my friend lucas-i like this book-this is the day of my birthday
i live in that house-i like that-that is a stupid joke-i love that game-that is my ipod
these are my parents-these are my classmate-these are my pens-i like these CD-i hate these apples
those are my favourite pop singers-eppoi non so cs inventare… mi disp

Answer 2

this is my friends

Answer 3

This e these (questo, questi) indicano un qualcosa o un qualcuno vicino a chi parla; this si usa per i sostantivi singolari e these per i plurali.
•Is this your book? – È il tuo libro?
•I will never forget this. – Non dimenticherò mai questo.
That e those (quello, quelli) indicano un qualcosa o un qualcuno lontano da chi parla; that si usa per i sostantivi singolari e those per i plurali.
•What car is that? – Che auto è quella?
•That house is mine – Quella casa è mia.
Those CDs are of Shakira.
These books are italians.

Answer 4

this is so beautiful
these houses are yellow
those are your friends
(non vincerò mai)

Answer 5

(THIS) This book is beautiful.
(THAT) That woman is very shy.
(THESE) These apples aren’t good.
(THOSE) Those doors are closed.

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