Preschool Teachers, PLEASE ANSWER!?

I have an interview on monday at a preschool and i REALLY want this job. They have asked me to fill out this application and I am not sure what I should say. I can’t figure out how to word my answers in a short/to the point way but still get my point across. I need input from PRESCHOOL TEACHERS, what do you look for when hiring? I am going to school for ECE so this is something I really want! Please help.. the questions are below…

Answer 1

1. Children are generally…incredibly interesting to interact with as they grow and develop. But that’s my opinion. You should keep your answer short but probably combine a few thoughts, such as “eager to learn, playful, amusing, and interesting”.

2. When children are unhappy it is because…they are frustrated, tired, don’t feel well, hungry, or fearful. (All of these cause children to be unhappy, so when they are unhappy I try to think down the list and figure out which it might be: Johnny took his truck? He’s crying because he’s frustrated. Didn’t eat much at breakfast? She’s probably hungry. Feels very warm? Maybe he’s sick. and so on.)

3. I get angry when children…hurt each other or won’t cooperate with each other. This is really my personal one. I don’t mean when they just want to play alone. That’s normal. It’s when they play aggressively un-cooperatively together. However, as annoying as that is, it’s a great teachable moment to teach appropriate social skills.

4. The most important thing a teacher can do is…listen. I mean REALLY listen, and respond appropriately to what her students say to her. Children need to know that they are truly being heard when they express themselves.

5. Children should not…spend all their time doing structured, organized teacher-led activities. They need plenty of time to play independently and make their own choices.

6. All parents are…unique individuals, just as their children are. They are also their child’s first teacher and best advocate. We need to really listen to their comments and questions.

7.When parents…criticize me or question my behaviors to another staff member, I feel…that I need to open lines of communication with those parents so that we can directly discuss what their questions or issues might be. I like to hear criticism directly from the parents involved to be sure I am understanding correctly what the issues may be. I’m happy to have the director involved to help all of us understand and resolve the situation, but I do want that direct communication. Things get too mixed up when you hear it second or third-hand!

Some of these are very much my personal opinion. Think it through carefully and consider what you know about child development and come up with your own honest answers, because they may very well ask you to discuss your answers at the interview and you want to be able to discuss them intelligently. It won’t work to say “some person on YA told me that!” LOL Email me if you need to discuss further or have more questions. Try to relax and have a positive, up-beat attitude. Whoever interviews you will be looking for energy, creativity, and a pleasant, positive outlook.

Source(s): ECE teacher, mother of 3, grandmother of a whole bunch

Answer 2

I think children are generally…curious, inquistive, and active
When children are unhappy, it is usually because…they are having a bad day, seperation anxiety, angry, want something and does not want to share, sick
I get angry when children…are mistreated and mis understand, cannot voice thier opinion, and abused.
The most important thing a teacher can do is…meet the needs of the child, socially, emotionally, physically, and intellectually.
Children should not…bite others, use profanity, act out aganist others, and throw things during tantrums
All children are…precious, individuals and mature at different stages, opinionated,
I wish parents would.. take time to learn to understand thier children feelings, not have such rules and limits for the children to adhere to
When parents…. I feel….When parents holler, or have no patience with thier child I feel they need some parent education to learn developmental stages then they would understand the time limits for a child to sit, listen to story etc. and not expect them to sit through a entire movie etc.

Source(s): Supervisor through the comission of teaching credentials, Adviser through the teacher consortium, and head teacher.

Answer 3

I think children are generally…… curious. Always wanting to learn about the world around them.
When children are unhappy, it is usually because……. they are missing a parent
I get angry when children………. disrespect me as a person and as their teacher
The most important thing a teacher can do is……… a child’s needs while helping them learn about the world around them
Children should not……… be limited in ways to explore their world
I wish parents would………….. be very involved with their child’s classroom
When parents are (happy), I feel (like I have done a good job)
When parents are (angry), I feel (like I made a mistake that needs to be corrected and apologize to the parent)

Hope these answers help and this are the answers I would be looking for.

Source(s): ECE teacher, former director

Answer 4

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Answer 5

As parents, you’re the most important first step in your children’s journey into the wonderful world of reading. It is up to you to create the most supportive environment that turns your child on to reading – such as reading aloud to them often during the day and before bedtime, and placing age appropriate books for children around the house, so that the child will have access to plenty of books. Reading often to your child will help develop their interest in books and stories, and soon they will want to read stories on their own.

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Answer 6

I don’t think t.v. is a throw away of the time, it’s that I see no real use of computer nowadays and there is nothing at all educational or useful on now. Children of today are exposed to ‘entertainment’ that is just plain stupid and has no morale meaning behind them

Answer 7

Just read a book and watch a similar booklet that has been converted to that movie. You can find details in a book that people take for granted watching a movie. We don’t have the sense of smell or color our minds can create.

Answer 8

When parents. I feel

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