What is a Motte and Bailey castle kids?

What does Motte and Bailey castle look like? Motte and bailey castles contained a large, circular mound, usually up to 5m high, on which stood a wooden tower or keep. The mound was surrounded by a ditch and there would have been a bailey, or enclosed courtyard, attached. What is a motte used for? A … Read more

How many Taiwanese live in Vancouver?

How many Taiwanese are there in the world? Taiwanese people Total population 30+ Million(est) Regions with significant populations Taiwan 23,596,266 (2019) United States 373,943–964,000 How big is Taiwan compared to Canada’s population? Taiwan is approximately 35,980 sq km, while Canada is approximately 9,984,670 sq km, making Canada 27,651% larger than Taiwan. Meanwhile, the population of … Read more

Can you go inside Muncaster Castle?

What is Muncaster Castle famous for? Dominating the River Esk, Muncaster has been of strategic importance since Roman times, and has been home to the Penningtons since 1208. The pele tower stands on Roman foundations and was extended through the ages into the Castle of today. Why is there a ghost in Muncaster Castle? Paranormal … Read more