Of the bonds below, __________ is the least polar.?

Of the bonds below, __________ is the least polar.

Answer 1



K 0.82 , Br 2.96 , S 2.58 , O 3.44, N 3.04, C 2.55, F 3.98

Electronegativity defference

KBr, 2.14

SO, 0.86

NO, 0.4

CO, 0.89

CF , 1.43

The difference in electronegativities of two elements can be used to predict the nature of the chemical bond. 

When differences are 1.7 or greater, the bond is usually ionic. 
Less than 1.7, the bond is usually covalent, less than 0.5 the bond has some degree of polarity.
and less than 0.5 are considered to be nonpolar.

NO has the least polar bond

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