“No need to vent film” meaning?

I just bought frozen veggies and it says that I just need to microwave for 3 minutes and also says “NO NEED TO VENT FILM”. Can somebody tell me what does that means? Thank you.

Answer 1

film is the plastic covering.  normally, you need to punch holes or cut slits or pull up a corner to prevent it from getting pressure buildup during heating (water evaporation and air expansion with heat make the air inside take up more space and if it can’t, it will pop or explode once it exceeds the strength of the plastic).  No need to vent means that this is not a problem and that there is no need to deal with the plastic cover before cooking.  Either the pressure won’t build enough to be a problem or the thing is made in a way that it will vent itself easily.

In other words, you don’t need to stab the plastic with a fork or whatever.  Just pop it in and cook.

Answer 2

I think that means you don’t need to cut slits in it, or lift it away from the tray anywhere – you can leave it sealed.

Answer 3

You can stick the container in the microwave without punching holes in the cellophane to let hot air vent out.  Just take it out of the box, stick it in the microwave and cook it.

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